Our Story

At NuOrganic, our mission is to create an exclusive line of plant-based stem cell beauty serums. These products are designed to nourish and care for your skin. Our goal is to help you glow from within and unlock your inner radiance. Protecting your skin is the secret to youthful beauty and a confident smile.

NuOrganic is an innovator within the cosmetic industry offering natural beauty solutions. We want you to look and feel amazing with ingredients that are kind to both you and your skin. Our products unlock the secrets of organic beauty with serums that inject youth back into your skin and hair.

Our plant-based stem cell beauty serums are free of harmful chemicals that you often find in high-street and department store brands. NuOrganic is supported by years of research and development conducted by a team of 10 scientists and anti-aging physicians who have over 20 years of experience in their field.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, bringing the best of science and nature together. We’re committed to helping you look your healthiest using the best ingredients that nature has to offer.

Your cosmetic and skincare routine is part of your everyday life. It’s a ritual that is as much about self-care as it is about how you look. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it – both the good and the bad. Our 100% cruelty-free products allow your body to be at one with nature.

Our products use ingredients from Swiss Apple Stem cells, blended with a host of naturally generated compound. We are proud that our products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly with organic ingredients that nourish your skin.

At NuOrganic, our formulas are enhanced with innovative delivery systems, including nanotechnology. This innovation allows us to target the potency of the ingredient and how it penetrates through your skin barrier. We want your skin to be able to absorb the right amount of active ingredients to nourish and protect your skin.

Part of our philosophy at NuOrganic is that beauty and skin comfort go hand-in-hand. We don’t believe in quick solutions or fad products. Our goal is to provide you with organic products that improve the health of your skin.

We want to hear from you – the NuOrganic customer – and what you want to see from the beauty industry. NuOrganic exists to meet the evolving needs of the modern consumer who wants to protect their skin using natural ingredients that are kind to both them and the world around us.

Our philosophy is that everyone is beautiful by nature’s design. Our products are here to help you protect your skin and improve its overall health.

We believe in the power of science to change the world for the better. We donate a certain percentage of our profits to autism, cancer, and stem cell research.

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- Team NuOrganic