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About Nuo

We’re here to teach you how to leverage your audience and create a stable passive income from your content forever. This is just the beginning….

We have 300+ products ready to launch and have the only worldwide partnership to the same manufacturer as LOREAL and executive connections to the largest film makers (Paramount, MGM, and Warner Bros.)

Why do I share all this? So you understand that with hard work becoming famous isn’t a dream. It’s all about who you know.

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What can I expect with Nuorganic?

  • Free nuorganic products ($50 - $300 value)

  • Weekly LIVE coaching sessions with TikTok/IG social media experts ($1500 value)

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  • Simplicity Scales -
    How to Film the Viral Content
    What makes content go VIRAL?

  • 3 Secrets to become a VIRAL sensation 💫
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  • Get Paid 10% of revenue you generate through your page

  • Get Paid 3% net profit for any agreed future Spark Ads and other related ads together.

Hear what other content creators have to say about Cohley!


I love working with Nuorganic because the platform gives me the opportunity to partner with popular brands. I have access to top-rated brands that promote products I use in my daily life.

Bryn Sato

Nuorganic gives me the opportunity to collaborate with brands and deliver content that aligns with my aesthetics and style. This allows me to continue growing my own brand and audiences.

Jalyn Ruszin

Nuorganic lays out all the campaign details so there is no confusion on what the brands are looking for.

Angelika Nikola


  • Consistently post at least x2 per week (subtle promotions that include 2-3 sec clip of using + weekly direct ones sharing your current journey)

  • Willing to learn & be consistent
    BE A WINNER. We don’t need people that try for 7 days. We need people that see that vision and KNOW it’s possible for you to generate millions because we have the tools to get you there. But we have to do it together 😊

See you on the other side