Our PhytoCellular Science™

Our cosmetics have been designed to support the cellular processes occurring within skin cells so that the skin can function optimally and thus enhancing your outward appearance. Nuorganic enhances natural beauty by blending plant-based stem cells with pure and unrefined botanicals and proprietary peptides while avoiding any harmful chemicals.

Our skin is an amazing barrier, which is what its is intended to be to avoid absorption of harmful chemicals. However, in cosmetics, this is a challenge and effective ingredients have a hard time passing through the skin without enhancing their absorption. It is for this reason, we have turned to nano-encapsulation( a capsule that is almost 2000 times smaller than a strand of hair) to absorb readily and provide maximal effects.Plant stem cells have remarkable anti-aging capacity at the cellular level. This response results in a more youthful appearance of skin with less wrinkles, with improved tone and texture. Naturally, not all plant stem cells are alike, and we have selected special plant stem cells across our range to provide maximal benefit for the area of treatment.

Meet Dr Kharazmi

Dr. Mo Kharazmi (Chief Medical Scientist) developed the cosmetic line in effort to bridge the gap between science and nature. After noticing how a handful of brands were doing more harm to the human skin than benefiting it, he acted by using the organic power of nature and enhanced it with science.
Dr. Mo’s primary objective was to make sure that the products did not just sit on top of one’s skin, but rather absorb rapidly into the skin. With so many daily chemical exposures from the environment’s pollutants, humans are already exposed to copious amounts of inflammation and ageing agents. With that being said, it was his priority to make sure individuals can use products that are free of toxic chemicals.

A scientist in the field of research.

Currently a full professor, Dr. Jafari is an Academic Fellow at Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. In November 2015, he was recognized as one of the world's top 1% of scientists in the field of biological sciences. In December 2017, he was selected as one of the top National Researchers in the Middle East. Dr. Jafari is a renowned scientist in the field of nanoencapsulation. He is the author of several books and several hundred articles in the field of nanotechnology. Dr. Jafari is the lead scientist in a team of 10, working to provide the best solution for the delivery of active ingredients.