How to Erase Wrinkles!

How to Erase Wrinkles!

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under the Eyes
Let’s face it: gravity is working against us. As we get older and more mature, the skin on our faces begins to lose its elasticity and starts to droop. This leads to the appearance of thin skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The eyes are the most wrinkle-prone area of the body, but it can be complicated to try to iron them out since the skin is so delicate and sensitive.

But don’t worry! We’re going to be outlining the top tips n’ tricks to reduce the look and feel of wrinkles while staying as natural as possible. After all, returning to nature is sometimes key to unlocking your true beauty potential.

How do Wrinkles Form?
Before we get into alleviating the issue, let’s go over how you got in this situation in the first place.

A few different things happen as you age, but the largest cause of wrinkles on the face is the diminishing layer of fat beneath the skin that gives you that plump, supple look. Additionally, the production of collagen, elastin, keratin, and sebum (the oils that your skin naturally produces) diminishes, leaving you prone to crepey skin and dryness.

Wrinkles can also be caused by repetitive motions. For example, happy people often have smile lines and crows’ feet because they smile a lot.

The combination of these factors leads to deep creases in the skin called wrinkles.

Now that you know what wrinkles are and how they’re formed, we can focus on the alleviation of them.

How to Iron Out Wrinkles

Seal in Moisture with an Eye Cream
Locking in hydration is essential to keeping your skin youthful and wrinkle-free. As your sebaceous glands begin to slow down and your skin starts to require more moisture than usual, adding water AND sealing it in is a necessary step of any anti-aging skincare routine.

To do this, find a moisturizer with a high percentage of the active ingredient hyaluronic acid. This special acid is high in water and is also an emollient, which means that it draws water in from the air and boosts its retention. We recommend the NuOrganic Ageless Eye Cream, which contains a plant-based stem cell and polypeptide elixir that helps reduce the appearance of sunken eyes.

Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, is a unique skin care ingredient that is extremely effective at boosting collagen production. Collagen is the building block of the skin, so it’s pretty important.

Retinol-based serums and creams are the best way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around and under your eyes by increasing cell turnover and encouraging the production of new skin cells. Retinol can be irritating, so make sure that it does not go into your eyes or mouth.

The NuOrganic Advanced Retinol Cream has a powerful punch of retinol, Vitamin C (increases cell turnover, reduces hyperpigmentation, and lightens sunspots), hyaluronic acid (retains and binds moisture to the skin cells for a healthy glow), and antioxidants (protects the skin and its microbiome from free radicals and pollution).

Retinol has a tendency to increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays from the sun. As a result, it is critical you combine the use of any retinol with a facial sunscreen with an SPF rating of 50. However, you should already be using sunscreen as part of your skincare routine!

Pamper Yourself with a Mask
A face mask is a fun and simple way to kick your feet back and take a few beats to relax and rejuvenate yourself from the inside out. Sheet and cream masks with certain key ingredients are effective at plumping the eye area to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tension on the skin.

One of the most important ingredients to look for in a face mask is a natural source of caffeine. Caffeine helps to energize your skin cells and makes them more efficient at utilizing nutrients, regenerating themselves, making new cells, increasing water retention, and, most importantly, protecting your insides! One example of this is guarana powder.

The NuOrganic Instant Matcha Clay Mask utilizes superfoods that work on all skin types and helps to reduce all skin ailments from acne to wrinkles. It contains guarana powder and aloe vera, a plant that has antibacterial and anti-aging properties, as well as green tea and bentonite clay which helps to detoxify the skin from the inside out.

Sunscreen, Seriously!
This is mostly a prevention measure, but it certainly helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles anyway. SPF (sun protection factor) deflects UVB rays which are the cause of sunburn and eye issues. PA (protection grade of UVA) deflects UVA rays, which deeply penetrate the skin and cause premature signs of aging. It is important to find a sunscreen that has an adequate level of SPF, ideally 50, and PA, which should be notated as PA+++ (for American-made sunscreens) or PA+++ (which are typically South Korean-made sunscreens and offer more protection).

Don’t forget your sunscreen, ever! Even if it’s cloudy outside or you’ll only be walking to your car. UV rays easily penetrate your windows, so staying protected daily is essential. Be sure to use a sunscreen designed for facial use so that it doesn’t leave a white cast or clog your pores.

Prevention is Key
Preventative measures are the easiest and most effective way to keep yourself from ever getting wrinkles. However, if you’re reading this article, you unfortunately likely already have wrinkles. Check out this article by Healthline that goes over the top methods of prevention.

NuOrganic; Beauty from Within
Organic, natural, vegan-friendly skincare products help you to tune in with your nature-granted beauty. By reducing the number of harmful chemicals and fillers that are to be used on your skin, you not only improve your health but also improve your life.

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