EYELASH 101- The Science of Growing Longer, Thicker Lashes

EYELASH 101- The Science of Growing Longer, Thicker Lashes

Long eyelashes are a sure fire sign of femininity, and these days they’re more than just a beauty trend. How do you keep your lashes healthy? For keeping lashes longer, fuller, and thicker, it’s important to use a natural serum, like NuOrganic Eyelash Serum, and understand the science behind how your lashes grow.   

How Important Are Your Lashes?

We all need our eyelashes, mostly because these fine hairs do more than just emphasize your own natural beauty. Whether they’re long or short, eyelashes keep dust, sweat, sand, sunlight, and debris at bay, while also providing a danger warning if anything gets too close for comfort.

Considering you blink 15 to 20 times per minute (which comes out to be about 28,800 times a day) your eyelashes are constantly at work protecting your eyes.

 Lash Stats

 Did you know that you were growing eyelashes while you were in your mother’s womb? Yep. Your lashes started filling in when you were about 7 to 8 weeks along and they were certainly there when you made your grand entrance and you were blinking up at everyone. Eyelashes themselves are made up of about 97 percent keratin (a type of protein) and 3 percent water. If you peer close enough into a mirror, you could count anywhere between 150 to 200 individual hairs on your top eyelid. Your bottom eyelid may have about 75 to 100. 

The Scientific Cycle of Growing Longer Lashes

 Eyelashes have their own unique cycle of growth. There’s a growing phase and a resting phase. Once the resting phase ends, it’s not uncommon for eyelashes to fall out. In fact, every single day you lose about 1 to 5 eyelashes. This may sound scary, but it’s totally normal. Since there’s a cycle of growth, you’ll always have new lashes growing back in. How long does it take for new eyelashes to grow back?

Lashes fall out and grow back completely every 150 days or 5 months. This growth cycle consists of three separate stages. During the Anagen phase, the hair of the eyelash starts to grow in thick. Then, during the Catagen phase, the roots of the eyelash start to degenerate. This causes the lash to start to lose its stronghold. During the Telogen phase, the lash stops growing completely. Finally, during the early Anagen phase, the old hair falls out and the cycle starts all over again as the new hair starts to grow.

Our NuOrganic Eyelash Serum with proprietary peptides gets to work during the Anagen phase, boosting your lash growth. Since everyone’s eyelashes may be in a different cycle of growth, when you start using the natural serum, be patient. Your eyelashes could be in any of the various stages of the growth cycle. If someone sees results after only two weeks, they caught their lashes when they were in the Anagen phase. Continue use until your lashes are long, full, and luscious.

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