Why You Should Have Peptides in Your Beauty Routine

Why You Should Have Peptides in Your Beauty Routine

Peptides are the latest hero of the beauty industry. You can’t pick up a magazine or scroll through social media without seeing skincare enthusiasts praising these ingredients. Peptides (known as ‘polypeptides’) occur naturally within the skin as short chains of amino acids that contain the proteins our skin needs.


It’s become one of the most talked about ingredients in the skincare industry because of its versatility. Peptides have the potential to positively impact every aspect of your routine with their anti-aging properties and ability to treat acne, UV damage, and wounds.


Collagen consists of three polypeptide chains, making peptides an anti-aging ingredient as they can stimulate collagen production. This process diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and leaves the skin feeling tighter and firmer looking.


You’ll find peptides in our skincare and cosmetic lines, including our ‘Eyelash Serum’, the #1 viral lash serum on TikTok, that creates visibly thicker, darker, and longer lashes.


We’re exploring the benefits of peptides and how you can incorporate them into your everyday beauty routine.


What are Peptides? 

Peptides are short amino acid chains, which are the foundations of the proteins our skin needs. Formulas with peptides stimulate our natural collagen production and elasticity for wrinkle reduction and hair growth.


What makes peptides so potent is their size. Peptides can easily penetrate the skin, allowing formulas to have more potent results than those using ingredients with larger molecules that instead sit on the surface of the skin. Collagen molecules are too large to be easily absorbed into the skin, making peptides the most efficient alternative.


Peptides sink into the deeper layers of the skin for better results, stimulating collagen and elastin production. If you’re building an anti-aging skincare routine, you need to be using peptides.


The Benefits of Peptides in Cosmetics

While peptides are a hero ingredient for your beauty routine, they offer a range of benefits for all skin types. You can use peptides to improve your skin’s natural protective barrier, ease inflammation, and protect against UV damage.


Peptides are suitable to be used almost anywhere in your beauty routine, with our ‘Scalp Serum’ having a multi-peptide formula for thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair. Our ‘Eyelash Serum’ includes myristoyl pentapeptide that increases lash growth and promotes a healthy color.


We’re sharing the benefits of peptides in cosmetics and skincare to show why they’re essential for your beauty routine.


  1. Improve your skin’s natural protective barrier


Your skin barrier is the first line of defense against pollution, bacteria, toxins, and UV rays. As we get age, our natural protective barrier becomes damaged by exposure to pollution, poor sleep, and over-exfoliation. A weak skin barrier leads to premature aging and makes it easier for common skin issues, such as acne and rosacea, to occur.


Peptides work to improve and restore your skin’s barrier as they’re small enough to penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin. These small amino acid chains penetrate deeper into the skin than larger molecules. A healthy skin barrier can lock in moisture and keep out toxins and bacteria to maintain a clear complexion and healthy skin.

Cosmetics and skincare with peptides strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to improve its overall condition.


  1. Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction


Cosmetics are increasingly including peptides in their formulas as the most potent form of collagen to plump lips, smooth skin, and promote hair growth. Peptides have anti-aging properties that lead to wrinkle reduction.


As we get older, our collagen and elastin naturally decline, leading to weaker skin that’s less firm, creating fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides boost collagen production and elastin to smooth the skin. Using peptide skincare will improve your beauty routine by giving you a smoother application and longer wear from face products like concealer and foundation.


Research in 2020 found that peptides led to wrinkle reduction and anti-aging results within just two weeks.


  1. Reduce inflammation for a clearer complexion


Peptides can have antimicrobial properties that repair damaged skin by supporting the skin’s protective barrier to ease inflammation and even out your skin tone. Antimicrobial peptides can tackle skin conditions like acne by cleansing the skin of bacteria to prevent your pores from clogging.


  1. Promote hair growth


Peptides work best in leave-in formulas, making them ideal for hair growth products. The small size of peptides makes it easy for them to penetrate the scalp, circulating blood to the hair follicles to feed them the oxygen and nutrients to promote hair growth. Using products with peptides will stimulate more collagen and elastin production within the body to strengthen the hair’s structure and prevent breakage.


You can use peptides to promote eyelash growth or unlock your hair goals by improving your overall scalp health. Our viral eyelash serum is the #1 prostaglandin-free serum in America, powered with peptides and apple stem cells, formulated to unlock your dream lashes.


  1. Protect against UV damage


Studies are still ongoing on the full extent of the benefits of peptides, but current research suggests that peptides have the potential to protect the skin against UV damage and pollution by supporting your skin barrier. Minimizing exposure to UV rays can lead to wrinkle reduction by preventing premature aging.

Adding Peptides to Your Beauty Routine

Peptides deliver the best results when included in leave-on formulations, such as serums. These formulations allow the peptides to be exposed to the skin for longer, penetrating deeper into the skin than they would be able to in products designed to be washed off. Face creams, moisturizers, and serums maximize contact with the skin to optimize results.

We recommend pairing our ‘Power Peptide Cream’ with our ‘Super C Serum’ for ultimate skin nourishment to retain moisture for a long-term glow and smooth makeup application. You can give your skin an extra hydration boost by using our ‘Face Lifting Serum’ with an anti-aging formula that has a natural face-tightening effect.

Finish your skincare routine with our ‘Ageless Face Cream’, which blends peptides and plant-based stem cells for an anti-aging formula that enhances skin texture, smooths out wrinkles, and naturally tightens the face.

Achieve your haircare goals with our ‘Scalp Serum’ and wave goodbye to your mascara with our ‘Eyelash Serum’ that lengthens and strengthens your natural lashes.

Explore the newest arrivals at NuOrganic to add peptides and natural, plant-based ingredients to your everyday beauty routine.



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