Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

For most of us, health care is about regular exercise and a balanced diet. No doubt, these are crucial things, but what about the products we use on our skin? Skin is the largest organ of our body, and it absorbs almost everything we apply to it. On average, individuals apply approximately eight different beauty products to their bodies each day. 

Moreover, while applying these products, we are unaware that these products have unnecessary and harmful chemicals that eventually reach our bloodstreams. Also, different skincare products are available in the market, including natural and synthetic products. All these products are sold as beneficial; however, natural products are better than synthetic products.

Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics can help us feel good in more ways than one. Natural plant oils and natural aromatic substances are pleasing to both the skin and the senses. In addition, they are more complex than artificial oils or synthetic fragrances. Besides, by using natural skin care products, consumers can do something good for nature.

Let's discuss the benefits of natural cosmetics.

  • Natural cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. They can adapt to every skin, particularly sensitive and atopic skin types. Besides, natural cosmetics are mostly handmade with natural organic key ingredients like herbs etc.
  • Natural cosmetics do not have Parabens. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics to increase the shelf life and are known to interrupt estrogen production. However, some experts have argued that these artificial chemicals can cause weakened liver and cancer. 
  • Natural products do not contain any artificial fragrances. Likewise, organic cosmetics do not contain any artificial fragrances, so they do not cause allergies or other ailments. Also, they are affordable as compared to synthetic products.
  • Natural cosmetics give additional nourishment to the skin, just like any other organic product. Also, these products are enriched with natural ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, palm oil, and olive oil. For centuries, these ingredients are well known for skin benefits as they are rich in antioxidants and peptides.
  • Synthetic cosmetics contain different chemicals, including artificial colors, preservatives, drying alcohols, etc. These ingredients cause the skin to age faster. Therefore, one should use organic cosmetics to prevent dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles, as natural cosmetics slow down skin- ageing.

A good skincare routine is incomplete without a good face cream and eye cream, specifically if you are in your late 20s and you want to keep the ageing signs at bay. Here at Nuorganics, you will find two amazing products that would be a great addition to your skincare regimen.

Ageless Face Cream


It is a product rich with organic ingredients that bless your skin with a youthful look. With regular use of an anti-aging face cream, your fine lines will fade, and it will give you a powerful moisturizing effect. The main ingredients of this product are peptides, vitamin E, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Juice, and collagen.

Instead of staying at the top of the skin, peptides deeply penetrate the skin and help the cells to produce elastin and collagen. Moreover, they improve the skin barrier and protect the skin from harmful effects of pollution, ultraviolet rays, and bacteria. 

Additionally, peptides plump the skin resulting in a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, it makes the skin smoother and tauter. Besides, peptides even out skin tone, reduce skin inflammations, and repair skin damage. Therefore, if you use a product having peptides, it will keep your skin safe from acne and pimples. 

Another ingredient of this cream is vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant. Also, it prevents skin from aging by fighting free radical damage. It keeps the skin moisturized and helps in strengthening the skin barrier. Moreover, it keeps your skin safe from sunburns or scars. It is a powerful antioxidant.

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Juice contains vitamin E, A, C, and different minerals. It is most known for its healing and dehydrating properties. Besides, aloe vera has cooling properties, so it is a natural remedy for sunburns. Also, it moisturizes the skin by forming a protective layer on it. 

Collagen makes the skin firm and elastic. Therefore, the skin looks fresh and free from the fine lines. Additionally, it supports in skin hydration, prevents acne and skin blemishes. In your thirties and forties, your body produces less collagen; that's why it is better to use creams, containing collagen ingredients.

Ageless Eye Cream



When it comes to restoring a youthful look, your eyes are your greatest opportunity. Unfortunately, whether it's wrinkles, hollowness, puffiness, or just plain tired looking, your eyes experience ageing before any other part of your face.

When it comes to beauty, the eyes are the most prominent part of your face. Puffiness, hollowness, and wrinkles on your eyes make it difficult to maintain a youthful look; therefore, ageless eye cream is here to rescue you from getting crow’s feet. It includes polypeptide complex, collagen, and plant stem cells. 

Moreover, due to repeated facial expressions, wrinkles start to appear in your eyes area. Polypeptides help to produce collagen, which minimizes your wrinkles by increasing the firmness. Also, they are common for building up a skin barrier and protect harmful effects of bacteria. The peptides keep your skin hydrated and soothe your skin by fighting inflammations.

It includes collagen, which gives support and density to your skin. As a result, it provides the area near your eyes a firm texture. To get wrinkles-free eyes, you will have to increase collagen in your body. Therefore, with the use of this cream, you will notice a clear difference in your eyes.

The plant cells play a vital role in protecting eyes from premature aging as they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they protect the eyes from sun damage and help in the production of collagen. Moreover, ageless eye cream includes many other nutrients which help in reducing dark circles.

Bottom Line

In short, organic cosmetics are made with natural ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals. With regular use of plethora of chemical based products, your skin might look better and fairer for few weeks, but they are harmful in the long run.  They increase sensitivity, irritation, and many other skin problems. Therefore, try to switch to the cosmetics that include natural ingredients.

In addition, natural cosmetics are best for the skin as well as your overall health. They keep you at bay from skin issues such as wrinkles, dryness, irritation, unwelcomed acne, and premature aging of skin. Therefore, while choosing a natural product, you are not only showering some love to your skin but also making a positive impact on the overall environment. 


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